Commercial German courses


There are many organisations and institutions that offer commercial German courses all over the country. You can obtain more detailed information about the courses from the organizing institution.


German courses are organized for different groups of non-native speakers (EU and third-country citizens, refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and asylum seekers).


Each centre has a different registration procedure. Bring a valid identification document along. If the institution offer discounts (e.g. for students, au-pairs, refugees) you’ll need to prove the status (e.g. au-pair job contract, University’s letter of acceptance).

Good to know

The courses’ fees depend on the organizing institution.


Information on a German courses’ contact points in different federal states (in English, German, Farsi and Arabic):

The list of institutions that offer German courses: (in English, German, French, Turkish, Bosnian, Polish, Rumanian, Arabic, Farsi and Hungarian):