Primary and secondary school programs for adults


There are different programs in Austria covering adult education. There are programs aimed at people without post-obligatory education (or who didn’t finish the obligatory education) and there are programs for people with post-obligatory education who would like to continue their education.

The program for people without post-obligatory education covers 2 areas: training of basic skills and lower secondary education. The main contents of the programs are:

A) Competency (autonomous learning, learning to learn)

B) Competency in the German language (speaking, reading, writing)

C) Basic competency in another language (speaking, reading, writing)

D) Calculating

E) Information and communication technologies (ICT)

The curriculum is designed by the institution that gives the course according to the objectives and needs of the group.

The same centre generally offers secondary and higher vocational schools of general education for professionals, advanced training programmes, colleges and academies. There are also preparatory courses for the Higher Education Entrance Examination for people who would like to enrol to university. There are also continuing education courses at universities and colleges.


The institutions offering the courses are also responsible for the registration process.

The requirements to take part in a course and its price are set by the institution offering the course (in German)

Good to know

any adult who fulfills the requirements can take part in the courses regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and beliefs.


The courses are offered all over Austria. You can find a course for you (in German):