Rights of the patients and advocacy


The patients have certain rights that must be respected by the health institutions. The Austrian State offers legal support in case you consider your rights haven’t been respected.

  • Right to treatment and care
    • Treatment and care, regardless of age, sex, origin, property, religion, type or cause of the disease
    • Access to medicines
    • Medical care according to level of development
    • Best possible pain management
    • Quality control and assurance
  • Respect the patient’s dignity
    • Protection of the personal and intimate life
    • Adaptation of procedures in health care institutions to the life rhythm
    • Access to religious support
    • Protection of the information related to health
    • Possibility to receive visits in case of inpatient treatment
    • Possibility to identify trusted people in case of aggravation
    • Dying with dignity
  • Right to make own decisions. Patients must be explained:
    • Possible diagnosis and treatment and their risks and consequences
    • The health situation and possible treatments
    • Certain treatment can be only be carried out if it has been approved by him/herself or through a representative in the case he/she can’t agree by him/herself (except the patient is unresponsive and in danger).
  • Right to information and documentation
    • Clarification about the costs in advance
    • Understanding of the medical documentation including supplements (e.g. radiographs)
    • Transcripts/copies of the medical documentation
    • Keeping the patient’s will
  • Special provision for children
    • For children up to 10 years of age, there must be a responsible adult in any kind of visit (including staying in the hospital)
  • Last will: patients have the right to give their will in advance, in case they aren’t able to do it later. That includes:
    • Last will in case of patient death
    • Last will in case of irresponsive circumstances
    • Organ donation
    • Power of attorney and testament


Each Federal State has an organisation that looks after the patients’ rights. If you think that your rights as patient are being violated, you can contact them to obtain legal counselling and representation free of charge.

  • Lower Austria: Patients and care advocacy (NÖ Patienten- und Plfegeanwaltschaft)Rennbahnstraße 29, Tor zum Landhaus
    3109 St. Pölten
    Tel.: +43 2742 9005-15575
    Email: post.ppa@noel.gv.at
  • Upper Austria: Patients representative (Oö. Patientenvertretung)Bahnhofplatz 1
    4021 Linz
    Tel.: 0732/7720-14215
    Email: ppv.post@ooe.gv.at
  • Tirol: Patient representative(Patientenvertretung Tirol)Meraner Straße 5 (1. Stock)
    6020 Innsbruck
    Tel.: 0512/508-7702
    Email: patientenvertretung@tirol.gv.at
  • Vorarlberg: Patients advocacy (Patientenanwaltschaft Vorarlberg)Marktplatz 8
    6800 Feldkirch
    Tel.: 05522/81553
    Email: anwalt@patientenanwalt-vbg.at
  • Vienna: Care and patiens advocacy (Wiener Pflege-, Patientinnen- und Patientenanwaltschaft)Schönbrunner Straße 108
    1050 Vienna
    Tel.: 01/5871204
    Email: post@wpa.Vienna.gv.at