Equal treatment in Austria


The Equal Treatment Act states that nobody should be in disadvantage due to gender, age, ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation or disability.

This principle of equal treatment applies to the different relationships citizens have in daily life including those happening in the job.

In Austria, the Equal Treatment Act regulates:

  • Equal treatment at work
  • Equal treatment in other areas (e.g. access to and supply of goods and services)
  • Principles for equal treatment in areas of agriculture and forestryIndirect discrimination occurs when the unequal treatment isn’t manifest because of one of the abovementioned grounds of discrimination but because of what appears to be a neutral provision which may have adverse effects.
  • This act also differentiates between direct and indirect discrimination. Direct discrimination occurs when a person experiences less favourable treatment due to their gender, age, ethnicity, religion, beliefs or sexual orientation, in comparison to another person in the same situation


If you think that you are suffering unequal treatment you can contact the Ombudsman for Equal Treatment (Gleichbehandlungsanwaltschaft) (in English and German): www.gleichbehandlungsanwaltschaft.at. They offer counselling free of charge.


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